February 1, 2020

It Begins

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It has been quite a journey since coming up with the original idea for Pivvt, which ultimately ended in a pivot. I started out with a focus in career management, but hit a dead end. Although I feel individuals could still greatly benefit from tools to help them manage their careers, I came to the realization that it would be an uphill battle as humans are reactive by nature. Software was not going to fix the fact that people are typically not concerned about their careers until they have a reason to be concerned about it.

So here I am, beginning a new chapter for Pivvt. This time, the focus is on athletics, particularly with an emphasis on university athletic departments. These programs have a constant need for revenue, especially when it comes to funding the smaller sports like swimming and diving, cross country, or golf. Most, if not all, schools that have a great need for funds to pay for scholarships, nutrition and injury recovery programs, among others. It is my intent to help these programs and all of their athletes.

Stay tuned as we move forward with our initial product concept and for what we have planned ahead!

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