February 12, 2020

National Impact of NIL Laws

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A US Senate subcommittee met with five witnesses on Tuesday to discuss the topic of Name Image and Likeness (NIL). NCAA president Mark Emmert was among those witnesses in attendance. A number of issues were discussed, and  whether or not congress should get involved is a growing concern. NCAA influence and events spans the entire country, and competition regularly crosses state borders.

A majority of states are considering action surrounding NIL, as discussed in the last post, and those actions are forcing the NCAA to respond. Florida's rapid timeline is forcing an urgency in the process that these institutions may find difficult to keep up with. Per the hearing, the NCAA is targeting a draft of rules by April, but the question remains as to whether or not they will appease all of the states that are making moves on their own.

It is less than ideal for congress to have to step in to the business of a private entity, but states taking early and direct action has forced the need for a centralized solution. If NIL laws move on in its current fragmented state, enforcement of the laws across state lines could potentially become a nightmare to enforce, and its impact widespread. The influence of college sports on society and the amount of money involved, without question, will keep the attention of government officials.

Change is happening, and it is happening fast. Will the NCAA and congress be able to keep up?

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