February 19, 2020

NCAA Moves Quick on Transfer Topic

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A day after the ACC announced support for expanded transfer rights for all student athletes, the NCAA Transfer Waiver Working Group took action to move forward with changes. Their plan is to adjust waver criteria from their existing program for first time transfers under the following circumstances, that the student:

  • Receive a transfer release from their previous school.
  • Leave their previous school academically eligible.
  • Maintain their academic progress at the new school.
  • Leave under no disciplinary suspension.

The waiver process will still be possible for multiple transfers only under extreme circumstances.

There is still work to do to finalize all points of their proposal, and it would still be subject to approval by the Division I Council. A point of concern is around player tampering by coaches, which still needs to be addressed. This committee is working outside of the standard NCAA legislative process, and they are focused on making rule changes available for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

The urgency at which it is moving appears to show that change is highly likely, and that it will not create a lot of disruption outside of what happens today. This is a good development as it will be great for student athletes, of all sports, to have the freedom and flexibility to make a transfer, and it would remove a load of administrative work from the NCAA around the current process.

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