April 6, 2020

So What Next?

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It has been a while, and an update for my two readers is long overdue. I spent a lot of time talking about the pending Name Image and Likeness legislations happening across the country, and while it is still a very relevant topic, it is not the biggest concern around college sports today. The silence is deafening. I watch the evening news most nights, and the sportscasters struggle for things to talk about because nothing is happening. I did not grow up in Utah, so their flashbacks to the good days do not mean much to me.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put sports at a standstill, but what is more concerning is its impact going forward. I am concerned about how people will recover from the economic disruption happening in their lives. Close to 10 million people filed for unemployment over the past two weeks, and yet part of me thinks that the number is scarily higher than that. I am worried about what numbers will look like for week 3. Our lives are being disrupted because of the virus, but our future is set for even greater changes the longer this carries on.

As an entrepreneur, I just have to push forward through the current environment. We prepared with the intent of surviving through the startup grind, but that very same preparation has fortunately helped us see stability through the pandemic. Our focus was set to be on college athletic departments, but with the shutdown of all competitions, there is a reduction of emphasis on sports right now, for everyone involved. The financial impact on schools, especially with the cancelation of basketball tournaments and their accompanying payouts, is going to hurt many programs. Everyone is shifting into survival mode, and I hope that we can step in and provide a solution to help. We are working hard on it, and our plan is to be there as everyone comes back to get things moving again.

This all will eventually end, and the work must continue. Everything will change, and it is up to us to adapt and make a difference.

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