February 3, 2020

Student Athletes and What's Next

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Last night was the Super Bowl. The entire NFL season culminates in a single spectacle watched by millions of people. Every NFL athlete and coach aspires to make it to that big stage, and I would say it is safe to say that most college football players dream of their chance at making it to the NFL.

One night several months back, as I sat in the steam room after a workout, I started to think about college football. I recalled the story of a star athlete that had recently transferred to Utah for his final season, but then the news announced that he had abruptly quit the team, to pursue another opportunity. My thoughts then shifted over to college athletes in general, as I wondered what it was like to train so hard for most of one's life, only to have your college eligibility end. What happens next?

Thoughts began to rush through my head on ideas of how I, as an entrepreneur, could help these athletes. After all, I had recently come off from seeking to build software to help people with their careers. I love college sports, I was passionate about helping people prepare themselves for their careers, and I felt like I had figured out an idea to make it all work. It was at that point that I decided to focus on entrepreneurship in college sports.

As I did further research on these student athletes, I came across an eye opening report done by the NCAA. Only a small amount of athletes make it to the pros after their school careers. On the topic of football, in 2018 only 1.6% of these players made it to the pros, and I am guessing that not all of those were playing in the NFL. There are many athletes that graduate, but how many of them are prepared for the world outside of sports?

I continued to dig deeper into university athletics, and I found that there are many people working hard to help out the athletes, and that there are a lot of programs that attempt to advance their careers. I spoke with a number of people in the field, and despite their best efforts, the one factor that limits what they can do is financial. There is a lot of money moving around in the NCAA, especially in the big sports, but schools are in a constant need of revenue to fund their entire program, for the needs of every sport and athlete.

The idea that I originally started with has evolved a lot as I continued to speak with more schools, athletes, and fans. At Pivvt, we are going to make an impact in helping these programs raise more revenue to help their athletes. Stay tuned as we get things rolling.

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